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Marilyn can be heard in on one of two different radio programs airing on The New Classical FM:
Marilyn Lightstone Reads and Nocturne.

You know her as the Voice of The New Classical FM, the host of Nocturne and now, Marilyn Lightstone brings the classics to dramatic life with her new podcast Marilyn Lightstone Reads. Visit the Marilyn Lightstone Reads webpage for current episodes and access to previous podcast recordings, such as Anne of Green Gables, Age of Innocence, and more.
Listen to current & past episodes of Marilyn Lightstone Reads here

Miss Lightstone invites you to join her every evening from 11pm until 1am for Nocturne, exclusively on THE NEW CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

As your day ends, relax and unwind with the perfect mix of music and poetry on Nocturne with Marilyn Lightstone. Her skills as an actress and love of classical music create a perfect mix for a radio show that is completely unique and not to be missed!
Listen to previous episodes of Marilyn Lightstone's Nocturne here

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