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Rogues & Vagabonds

There was Milo, Brandoesque bad-boy, whose streetwise machismo conceals the soul of an artist. There is Adam, former TV variety performer, for whom the price of a place in the legitimate theatre is a break with his homosexual past. There is Bobby, the temptress, whose illegitmte pregnancy sets in motion a series of events that will have tragic consequences. And guiding them all is Theo, charismatic founder of NAADA—theNorth American Academy of Dramatic Art—willing to break all rules, and transcend all boundaries, to mold his young charges.

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The Light Shines All Over The World

A song for the holiday season, written and performed by Marilyn Lightstone.

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Marilyn is head writer of Your All-Time Favourite Hit Parade on VisionTV.

Marilyn has written television scripts for vaious series including:

Shades of Love: Little White Lies (1988)
The Littlest Hobo (1979)